Web Development

We develop and Design Web Apps of any complexity with innovative technologies providing support and maintenance.

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Software Development

Elaborate Medium & Long Term Web Based Application fully tailored for your business workflow needs.

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E-commerce solutions are growing creating a new online economy . These platforms allow to take and manage quick orders.

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On-Site Consulting

We analyze your technological weak points and we provide analysis for suitable solutions to optimise your workflow.

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Official Partners

Techdata - IT Solutions
Infomaniak Network SA - Hosting in Switzerland
Swiss Blockchain Federation
105 Voisins - Co-Working in Geneva
SSI InfoSec Unige

ARTE for Designers & LABS for Developers

We build focusing solely on seniors creatives and programmers, developing and launching digital projects. Our clients come from various domain of activities. They vary from smaller businesses launching a new Website / Application to medium-big size companies willing to have technical and quality on-site consultancy.

We offer a full range of Web Development & Design Services. Web applications accessible from the internet are often designed to meet specific business needs.

We are Programmers and ICT Consultants with substantial technical skills, solid experience and Projects Management (PM) background.

Currently there is strong demand for “mobile computing” to access and manage business data on the move, to update website content in “real time” and everywhere. These applications can be implemented using Open-Source libraries or programming Ad-Hoc features for major routine tasks and activities.

Nevertheless, Security, Confidentiality and Availability of the data must be taken seriously in any development process.

Open Source CMS

WordPress is one of the largest CMS in the World. WP is a stable product that benefits from a substantial developer community.

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Open-Source Technology

Commercial-quality Web-Apps with Open-Source technologies. Flexible deployment developing softwares in the form of interoperable SOA.

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IaaS - PaaS - SaaS Clouds

NAS local or cloud data storage servers connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.

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Responsive & Parallax
Web Design

Responsive User Interface

Responsive web design (RWD) provides customised viewing experience for different platforms and devices. Content and Menus scale dynamically across all screen resolutions and all devices.


It’s not just adapting a design to screen sizes, but also:
  • Progressive Enhancement: Focus is on making the site content available to all User's devices.
  • Graceful Degradation: Support devices with smaller / bigger screens having different User Experience (UX).
  • Mobile First: Ensures that all devices are treated with equal importance (Smartphones, Tablets, Screens size).
  • SEO Enhancement: Search Engines websites are not penalised if they use New Responsive Technologies.

Parallax Scrolling Design

Parallax scrolling website design brings the user experience (UX) to a new interactive level of online viewing. The parallax effect in web design creates a scrolling effect as the user navigate across web pages. It’s one of the many scrolling patterns that allows you to adjust how your content is received by users devices.


In terms of animation and not just design, parallax can be implemented in various ways:
  • Raster Parallax: which is mostly used to give an optical illusion of movement.
  • Repeat Pattern: that uses scrolling displays over a repeated background.
  • Layered Parallax: where the foreground and background objects move at a different space..

Retina Ready

Devices screens evolution show more pixels per square inch, resulting in sharper and high resolution images.


Benefits of retina ready websites:
  • Sharper images: retina ready technology it’s essentially like high definition for Laptops, Phones or Tablet.
  • Better aesthetics for responsive: Retina ready websites allow sharper fonts and images when zooming into webpages.
  • Better aesthetics for responsive: Retina ready websites help keeping image quality and smooth fonts when zooming IN / OUT on retina devices.
  • Designing with even more detail: Retina devices are have high quality image projection in the brightness of their screens..

Manpower & Partners

We are highly flexible and polyvalent, which allows us to provide a wide range of Web / IT Services.

We use SCM repository management for code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis.
Every application that supports Git will work with GitLab.

We participate to Coworking events and conferences to interact and share
with professionals from all over the world our experiences and skills.