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Mongolia : Economic hardship alleviated by German funding

Very Dear Business Partner,

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. It was even more so for Mongolia whose public health system is not robust enough to deal with an epidemic. As a result Mongolians had to isolate themselves from the rest of the world through complete border closing from the end of March. The number of Covid-19 cases is still very low, less than 1’200 cases recorded as we are writing, and a first death registered on the 29th of December.

ARTELABS: China Integrated Engineering But this good result has come at very high economic costs. Lockdowns, low levels of international business, less buying power from city dwellers and a complete absence of international tourism in the summer is reducing the incomes of the herdsmen of Mongolia, one of the last nomadic population following its traditional lifestyle, deeply enmeshed with and respectful of Nature.

In the past 20 years China Integrated has supported the ecoLeap Foundation which is itself supporting Hovsgol, one of Mongolia’s province home to its most visited National Park of Lake Hovsgol. The Foundation has held an annual charity race in the Park, the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset, and used the proceeds generated by runners and volunteers to ensure, single handedly, the solid waste management of the Park.

Decade of efforts have earned ecoLeap recognition for its anti-waste and sustainable development programs. Fortunately enough in this year of hardship, a project developed by ecoLeap and its German partner received funding from the Bundes Ministerium für Zusammenarbeit of Germany, to improve the livelihoods of the local population over the next 3 years. 600’000 Euro in funding have been allocated to the project with the condition, however, that ecoLeap provides a quarter of this amount.

This project will include the largest anti-litter and waste-recycling awareness campaign launched in Mongolia, potentially generating considerable visibility to all organizations affiliated with the effort. TV, radio, press and social media will reach the whole Mongolian population and 11 high-level roundtables to sensitize private and government decision makers will be organized.

ecoLeap is using its annual charity race to raise its share of the project funds. Closed borders made the 2020 event impossible and summer of 2021 maybe still be too early to hold the next Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset.

As a result and o continue supporting ecoLeap, we would like to offer international companies with either an interest in poverty alleviation through sustainable development, Nature conservation and/or Mongolia as a market to participate in the project and gain from its visibility.

If you or your company has an interest in participating in the project or in volunteering time to find partners for the projects, do not hesitate to contact us!

Very kindly yours,
Nicolas Musy & your China Integrated team.

About Nicolas Musy @China Integrated: “In China, the mask trade is savage

Based in China, Nicolas Musy facilitated the shipment of 12 million masks to Switzerland. He tells us about this booming market.

Nicolas Musy from Fribourg has been in China since 1988. Normally, he facilitates the entry of Swiss companies into the local market via the Swiss Centers China Foundation and China Integrated. But since the Covid-19 crisis broke out, he has become the armed wing of the Geneva and French-speaking hospitals in China. He works voluntarily to send medical equipment to Switzerland.

Mr. R. Lepori has worked with Nicolas Musy and developed partnerships with China. He worked in Shanghai for the OSEC in support of the CH-Ina LTD “China Entry and Operations Guide”, a project witch provided companies with a road map to entering the Chinese market, with case studies and expert analyses.

During his stay he discovered the culture and the different mentalities of a huge and very complex country and with a multitude of facets.

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