HOSTLABS - ICT Services Provider, Geneva, Switzerland

Tailor-made Hosting Solutions


ARTELABS is an Official Partner of Infomaniak Network SA and can provide Customised, Scalable and Managed Hosting Solution on his Dedicate Server HOSTLABS, located in their Datacenter certified ISO 14001 & ISO 50001,. in Geneva, Switzerland.


Support & Maintenance Included

Hosting Pricing on our HOSTLABS Server:
  • Hosting costs: CHF 180 / Year includes:
    • Maintenance
    • Client Support
    • Updates (core system)
    • Patches (applications)
    • Debug & Monitoring
    • Security issues
  • EXTRA Services: upon request depending of the needed resources.
Our Hosting Services Include:
  • If the domain name fees and registration are covered directly by ARTELABS:
           – Domain name on behalf of CLIENT (Owner & Administrator).
           – Technical contact on behalf of ARTELABS.
  • DNS Full Management & Customisation.
  • E-mail Accounts setup and ready for use (WorkSpace).
  • Open-Source CMS Install & Setup.
  • E-commerce Install & Setup.
  • Custom Services or Storage according to your needs.
    • EXTRA: Scalable Storage (SSD disk space, CPU, RAM).
    • EXTRA: Pro Tools (WorkSpace, Webmail, NewsLetter, E-Ticket).
    • EXTRA: Media VOD/AOD & Streaming broadcast for video/audio.

Everything is setup by ourselves and ready-to-use. We provide all the necessary instructions and support you may need.

The availability Uptime, Backups, Monitoring and Security Disaster Recovery are provided internally by Infomaniak Network SA.

For confidentiality and legal reasons, we advise our customers to choose a provider based in Switzerland (CH).