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Infomaniak tools and services that respect privacy on Swiss territory (Geneva) and comply with GDPR standards.

Privacy that comply with GDPR

kDrive: Swiss Cloud which respects your privacy.
Swiss Backup: Swiss Secure solution for backing up your data;
NAS Synology: Storage server in a Swiss DataCenter;

And several other solutions or assets according to your needs.

ARTELABS DIGITAL AGENGY has its own dedicated high availability servers where you can host your websites, e-mail services, etc, all inclusive. By offering you all the necessary activation, preparation, management, support and maintenance services.

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Swiss Confederation NCSC Reports

The National Cyber Security Centre publish its semi-annual report “Information Assurance: the situation in Switzerland and internationally“.

The reports describe the most important trends and developments relating to events and occurrences in information and communication technologies (ICT), explain the technical functioning of current attacks, provide an overview of events in Switzerland and abroad, illuminate the most important developments in the area of prevention, and summarize the most important activities of public and private players.

Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI
Swiss Data Center under Swiss law

Store your data in a Swiss Data Center

Your data belongs to you and to you alone. Partner of ARTELABS Infomaniak Network SA ensures that it stays this way by developing in-house online tools that respect your privacy and protect your dataConfidentiality is a cornerstone of freedom. This is a principle that Infomaniak will always uphold.

Based in Switzerland, Infomaniak places your data outside of US and European jurisdictions. All of your data, without exception, is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. With a large European clientele, Infomaniak also meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By choosing a Cloud Provider that respects your privacy, you are putting your data in a safe place and supporting a free and independent web.

Criteria to choose your Hosting Service Provider:

  • How will my data and privacy be protected?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • How will my information be processed?
  • Who will be able to view my personal data?

A full control of every aspect of the services:

  • A long-standing commitment;
  • Infomaniak is in the business of protecting your data, not selling it;
  • Data is encrypted (using your own encryption key) and replicated on Infomaniak servers;
  • Confidentiality strengthened by Swiss law and the GDPR;
  • Technological independence (no intermediate products everything is developed in-house).

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