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Synology & Qnap Storage Technology

Cloud solutions allow to migrate your system or software to a local or external Cloud SaaS System (WEB, NAS, ERP, CRM) accessible by authorised users. Cloud solutions should encounter data privacy and data security transfert.

Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. NAS is often manufactured as a computer proprietary appliance. NAS allow to connect internally (LAN) or externally (WAN) with the most standard protocols. Nevertheless, a NAS Server reachable from the Internet must have secure connections behind a FireWall.

FIRST INSTALL: Clean with Secure Best Practices

  • Clean Install with default packages via LAN.
  • Admin User Name different from default one with strong password.
  • Install essential security patches and updates.
  • Setup Local Time Zone.
  • Launch Security Adviser firs check & Enable Email notifications.
  • Enable DoS protection.
  • Setup Security Schedules Tasks (“Cronjobs”) for daily / weekly scan.
  • Change default ports against robots attacks (“scriptshells”).
  • Enable SSH HTTPS and needed protocols with a different port then the default one.
  • Install Antivirus Integrated Plugin.


Never use admin group for simple users purposes

Create Personal Shared Folder

Enable File Services into Control Panel (Win/Mac/NFS)

Create Users / Privileges (ACL)

Activate ONLY needed protocols (WebDAV, AFP, Etc.)

Corporate Web Based Solutions

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