Solving Business Challenges Managing IT Assets

Managing IT SMEs Assets

Solving business challenges with a realistic approach

We are comfortable handling multiple tasks and set realistic benchmarks for SMEs IT requirements. WE react efficiently documenting features, technical specifications and infrastructure requirements. We are methodical for solving problems while analysing the processes already in place to avoid making radical changes that could slow down businesses workflows .

ARTELABS - DAM - Managing IT Assets

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

ARTELABS DIGITAL takes comprehensive and flexible approach to problem solving. We are comfortable handling multiple tasks and set realistic benchmarks for complex IT requirements. WE react quickly, documenting features, technical specifications and infrastructure requirements. We are methodical for efficient problem solving.

We analyze your technological weak points and implement strategies and solutions for your business needs, allowing you to understand the advantages and weaknesses of automated information processing.

  • Administration and deployment of Unix / Linux Systems.
  • Backups solutions and best practices for data security storage.
  • Analysis Of User-End Requirements For ICT / Web Projects.
  • IT Solutions, Integration, Support & Workflow Optimisation.
  • Network Protocols, Setup, Troubleshooting (LAN/WAN & Firewall).
  • Network & Cyber Security Practices.
  • Administration And Deployment Of MacOS / Linux Systems
  • Internal Users Training (MSOffice & MacOS Productivity Tools).
  • Internal Deployment Of New Equipments (IP Printers included).
  • User / Administrators Awareness & Best Practices About IoT.
  • NAS Storage solutions, Hardware, Software & Setup .

On-Site Support & Maintenance

Our On-site IT services focuses on small to medium size businesses for their network, servers and computer systems. We work in partnership with our clients in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.

The goal is to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in several aspects: prevention, users awareness, adequate equipment for the proper operation of their IT park. We provide guidance, expert technical assistance and training to internal users for a first level support and troubleshooting.

ARTELABS - DAM - Managing IT Assets
ARTELABS - DAM - Managing IT Assets

Stationary Misconceptions about MacOS & iOS products

There is still a mistakenly culture with these types of migrations (often switching from Windows to Mac). The products that are used are different, the nomenclature is different but well conceived, and most important the practices for dealing with the operating system are simply better. Today, the fear of changing OS can be either “irrational“, either related to internal company policy.

This change is part of an evolution of technology and End-Users that persist with old “legacy” systems will be exposed with much more worries and problems at all levels (hardware, software, security and maintenance cost as well).

MacOS (Linux) is not only a trend

We do not “advertise” or sell Apple products and its business, we just compare and choose a different Operating System. We uses MacOS (proprietary) Linux Systems since 2003. Unix-based systems are the more stable and transparent OS ever in computer history, especially after the switch from initially CPU PowerPC to Intel processors (2005).

MacOS system has grown not only following a fashion trend, but essentially because the architecture of MacOS is extremely well conceived since the beginning. Its UNIX architecture (proprietary Linux) is much more solid and transparent than other OS.

Resistance to migrate from Windows to MacOS is most often encountered by simple users or in professional fields who falsely believe “we cannot do everything” with a Mac by focusing solely on MSOffice Softwares, and applications exclusively developed for Windows (MS Access for exemple). MacOS and all related derivatives products are not different but bring improvements in usability, user experience, integrated security and, above all, stability.

ARTELABS - DAM - Managing IT Assets

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