Mr. A. Wehrli

IT Analyst & R&D

ARTELABS: A. WehrliIT Analyst & R&D
ETHZ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zürich).
Master of Science, Electrical and Software Engineering,
PhD in Management, Technology and Economics.

Mr. A. Wehrli has been living and working in Zürich since the end of 2012. He started his professional life in Switzerland developing bank softwares and later moved to Geneva offering services for R&D and Technology Scouting and Innovation for Multinationals.

Since 2016 he focuses on Interim Management and business development between China and Europe. In the meantime, he is developing a real estate portfolio on a private basis, as growth is shifting from China to ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Key Skills

  • R&D Centers and Multinationals;
  • Technology Scouting and Innovation;
  • Interim Management;
  • Linux and Software development;
  • Bank Softwares:
  • 3D Software Development;
  • Innovation and Scouting;

Mr. A. Wehrli participated at the foundation of the ETH Zurich Alumni events, organising severa trips in Switzerland, Europe and Asia (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong).

He speaks fluently German, English and French.

ARTELABS: Swiss Quality