Mr. R. Lepori

ICT Services & Web Technologies

ICT Services & Web Technologies
Apple Certified IT Professional
#artelabsdigital@LeporiRobSEOSwitzerland – Swiss-CyberSecurity

R. Lepori, from Ticino, Lugano, is the Principal of ARTELABS DIGITAL SERVICES. He has gained significant experience in Projects Management (PM), Web Development and Open-Source Technologies, including system, network and application security . He has a broad spectrum of knowledge in the ICT field (professional experience, on-going training and technology watch).

In addition to the technical aspects of computing (coding, standards, etc.), he also masters graphic tools such as Adobe CC (responsive graphic design). UIUX3D & AR design, photography and video production.

ARTELABS DIGITAL helps SMEs to improve or automate their workflow developing Ad-Hoc Web Applications & Softwares providing expert services at many proficiency levels. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of digital data are priorities that should not be neglected while providing multilevel specialised ICT services.

He has always been passionate about the evolution of Open-Source technologies. He regularly follows academical training courses and obtained a Diploma followed by a ISS Master‘s degree at UniGE.

He speaks fluently French, English, Italian and German.

Skills and areas of expertise

Relationships with Clients & Partners

Mr Lepori loves to work on long-term projects as an active and involved partner, committed to bring their projects to fruition with evolution, providing maintenance evolution and innovation.

Mr. R. Lepori is a responsible and attentive person. He gives a high value to interpersonal and professional relationships (transparency and trust). Without these qualities and without good communication no project can be successfully achieved. He goes beyond “a simple set of specifications” in order to give the maximum benefit to the customer, as an active and concerned team member (partner).

Covid-19  2020-2021 period

During the lockdown period, Mr. R. Lepori followed digital marketing training courses in order to obtain the keys to an effective SEO ranking. He uncovered new SEO tools for  in order to gain visibility and increase traffic on the internet.

He has deepened his knowledge in Search Engine Optimization offered by Google.

For companies aiming at significant advertising, Google’s indexing strategies are not enough to have an effective advertising campaign. the quality of the website which includes several technical aspects, content quality, responsiveness, ergonomics, etc. play an important role in SEO. Natural referencing linked to other marketing tools are complementary if correctly implemented.

Several customers do not wish to use Google services being aware that the GAFA(M) marketing tools can be intrusive as they are used to affect our choices. All data you provide to them will be used for data-mining to grow their business through their cookies: profiling, geolocation, advertising, statistics, face recognition, AI, etc.

Lately, M. Lepori joined SEOnerdSwitzerland that organises online seminars where professionals can share methods, tools, dedicated to SEO and the Swiss-CyberSecurity group that focuses on topics such as Cyber Security, Data protection, Cloud Computing and Social Networks.

In the past (2009), Mr. R. Lepori has worked for Nicolas Musy @China Integrated. He worked in Shanghai for the OSEC in support of the CH-Ina LTD “China Entry and Operations Guide”, a project witch provided companies with a road map to entering the Chinese market, with case studies and expert analyses.

During his stay he discovered the culture and the different mentalities of a huge and very complex country and with a multitude of facets.

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