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Search Engine Optimisation (Natural indexing or/and Google Tools). Leads and Campaigns.


SEO target all kinds of elements and contents

SEO Strategy Process: ARTELABS DIGITAL ANGECY - ICT Services

Intensive SEO approach to online marketing

Saves from duplicating efforts and optimize results

Chart with high-level consulting and a big volume of work

SEO Strategy Process: ARTELABS DIGITAL ANGECY - ICT Services

Regular content updates in combination with the publication of media, blogs, newsletters, etc. will increase your visual presence. However, the interest of the audience is linked to the quality of the content, the relevance of the covered topics.

You may appear in the first few pages of a search, but that doesn’t mean, obviously, that customers will contact you or be interested in your product or service. Of course, too much advertising can negatively affect the visitor (this is often the case with Instagram). The first goal is to meet a need or a necessity.

GTM - G Analytics

Google is the largest search engine used in the world. With its partners (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and given its size and global resources, it has a online control over the Internet and belongs to the GAFA.

If a client wishes to pay for Google advertising campaigns (GoogleAds) their tools are varied, scalable and elaborate. Nevertheless, if a website is poorly designed and has poor content since the beginning this service will cost you dearly for a disappointing result.

SEO marketing can target B2B, B2C & B2S business. Learning to create and manage Google Campaigns and its related tools require skills and a good knowledge of the provided online tools, such as Google Search Console.

For an efficient & extensive indexing, the S.E.O specialist should master:

ARTELABS: Google Tag Manager

Google has its internal policy and can refuse campaigns or keywords for clients using GoogleAds. This policy is not necessarily linked to the Legislation of the country where the company is located.

The algorithm is impossible to understand in logical (or simple) terms, the parameters are infinite and sometimes “randomised”. An almost infinite number of internal and external parameters influence the search result. This is why the customer will only be able to rely on their web statistics interfaces.

You shouldn’t rely exclusively on paid services, Google offers many powerful tools for analysing all those aspects that a website need to be well-indexed. it is important to integrate these practices from the very beginning for a effective natural indexation in search engines following, for example, the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Today we use Agile Marketing, practicals frameworks for navigating agile marketing (MarTech).


Google Tag Manager Working Principle

ARTELABS: Google Tag Manager


GTM Middleman between Website & 3rd party Tools

ARTELABS: Google Tag Manager
ARTELABS: Google Tag Manager

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20+ SEO marketing tools every pro should know

20+ SEO marketing tools every pro should know in 2019
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