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SEO caters to clients who require an intensive approach to online marketing.

Google is the largest search engine used in the world. With its partners (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and given its size and global resources, it has a online control over the Internet and belongs to the GAFA.

If a client wishes to invest in paid advertising campaigns, their tools are varied, scalable and elaborate. Nevertheless, if a website is poorly designed with poor content from the beginning (and automatically not naturally well indexed), this service will cost you dearly for a disappointing result.

There is no great transparency regarding the invoicing system issued by Google (US). Their business model being information (“keywords”), it is necessary to dedicate a lot of time and perseverance for an optimal indexing. A Google campaign is never static and it evolves costamentarily.

Learning to create and manage GoogleAds Campaigns and its related tools takes a lot of time and a good experience.

ARTELABS: Google Tag ManagerFor a complete Google S.E.O. the webmaster should manage and link together:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM – You don’t need to pay for this powerful feature)
  • Google Search Console (2019)

It is always difficult to calculate the return on investment. It depends on the country, type of activity, type of device or browser used, etc. In addition, Google has its internal policy and can refuse campaigns or keywords. This policy is not necessarily linked to the Legislation of the country where the company is located.

The algorithm is impossible to understand in logical (or simple) terms, the parameters are infinite and sometimes “randomised”. An almost infinite number of internal and external parameters influence the search result. This is why the customer will only be able to rely on their web statistics interfaces.

You shouldn’t rely exclusively on paid services, at least the client can afford somebody who only regularly updates and / or optimise his campaigns.



Google Tag Manager Working Principle (GTM)

ARTELABS: Google Tag Manager


Users must be informed about web-tracking

Any Website that uses web-tracking snippets or tools to trace the activities of its visitors or to observe their browsing behaviour can draw conclusions about the interests, preferences or habits of Internet users. The RGPD regulation policy (applicable from May 25, 2018) is applicable.
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